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How to Move the Washer and Dryer Upstairs

Washer and dryer are two useful home appliances, but things get difficult when you have to move either one of these upstairs. Plus, it’s the same story when you have to move a washer downstairs. Most washing machine buyers hire movers or pay the delivery team to take their washer or dryer upstairs or downstairs. … Read more

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Can a Washer Be Transported on Its Side?

Getting the best value for money is every appliance buyer’s dream. Most first-time buyers aren’t pretty sure what happens next. Well, you transport the appliance to your place. Most buyers hire movers to safely bring their appliances home. If you’re planning on buying a washer for your home, keep in mind that you can’t transport … Read more

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Why Does My Washing Machine Rip My Clothes?

A washing machine is one of the essential household appliances that make our life easier. However, if a washing machine starts ripping your clothes, it makes the whole situation quite complicated. Why does a washing machine rip clothes? You might be wondering this because it has happened to you or someone you know. There are … Read more

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Does a Washing Machine Ruin Credit Cards?

It’s no surprise that most things get ruined when they go to the washing machine along with clothes, for instance, currency notes or documents won’t survive the wash. However, you might be a tiny bit curious about credit cards — so am I. What does happen to a credit card when it gets washed in … Read more

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Does Washing Detergent Stain Clothes?

Have you ever noticed some stains on your clothes after removing them from the washing machine? If you are wondering what those could be, it’s most likely the laundry detergent. Yes, laundry detergents can leave stains on your clothes which can easily be removed in a few steps. We’ll dig deeper into this, but before … Read more

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Why Does My Indoor Laundry Room Smell Bad?

Are you curious why your indoor laundry room smells bad? The laundry room is the place where all your clothes are to be washed and cleaned. We often spend most of our weekends in the laundry room to wash all the clothes we used during the week. Sometimes, the laundry room starts to smell, making … Read more

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Does Washing Detergent Kill Bacteria?

Are you wondering whether or not your detergent kills bacteria? Well, we’re going to discuss what needs to be done to minimize the bacteria in the clothes. Washing our clothes with the best-smelling detergent brightens them up but is it enough these days? These days many germs are in our environment. So, is your washing … Read more

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Can You Wash Leather Jackets in the Washing Machine?

Leather jackets are everybody’sĀ favorite fashion clothing, but can you wash leather jackets in the washing machine? It not only protects us from the cold but also offers us a fashionable and sophisticated image. You may have heard about washing jeans in the washing machine. So you might think, can you wash leather jackets in the … Read more

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Can We Keep Washing Machines in the Bathroom?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can keep the washing machine in the bathroom? A washing machine is essential for all households no matter you have kids or not. After you’ve purchased one, the next step is to identify the appropriate location in your home to put it up. If you live in … Read more