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How Many Jeans Can I Wash at Once?

Since every washing machine has a different capacity, it’s difficult to tell the exact number of jeans you can wash in the washing machine. However, this blog post might give you some idea about the number of jeans you can wash in one go. Before I start rambling on the topic, let’s be clear about … Read more

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Where Should You Put the Liquid Detergent in Samsung Washing Machines?

Liquid detergents may sound fancy and new detergents, but they have been around for a while. If you’re curious about where you should put the liquid detergent in your Samsung washing machine, then the answer is that it must go into the liquid section of the detergent dispenser. It does seem like a simple question, … Read more

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Can Rats Go Inside the Washing Machine?

Rats and rodents don’t just harm your kitchen, garden, grain bags, and clothes – they could go inside the washing machine and create a mess in there too. Some of you may take this lightly unless something crazy happens in your household as a result of rats going inside the washing machine. Nobody likes to … Read more

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Can You Remove the Coffee Stains With Bleach?

Most people love coffee, whether it’s hot coffee or cold coffee. While coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world, coffee stains are tough to remove. You probably heard of using cow milk for removing stains from clothes. There are several products that people use to remove stains. We’ll try to understand … Read more

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Should You Turn Off the Water When Not Using the Washing Machine?

Washing machines require water in abundance for optimal wash and the interruption in the water supply could lead to stains on the clothes or the motor malfunctioning. This problem may not occur right away, but these possibilities can’t be written off. Some of us may have thought about whether or not we should turn off … Read more

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Can You Remove Tea Stains From Clothes?

Milk tea is a tough stain to remove from clothes, but in some instances, you could remove the tea stains if certain requirements are met quickly. Well, that might be surprising for many readers. Most people would want to know how one can remove tea stains from clothes. The most popular trick to remove the … Read more

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Can You Get the Urine Smell Out of Mattress?

Urine does have a stingy odor that no one appreciates. If you have kids or pets, you’d know how challenging it is to deal with pee smell problems. So the million-dollar question is, can you get the urine smell out of the mattress? Well, you could get most of the urine smell out of the … Read more

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Does Washing Detergent Stain Clothes?

Have you ever noticed some stains on your clothes after removing them from the washing machine? If you are wondering what those could be, it’s most likely the laundry detergent. Yes, laundry detergents can leave stains on your clothes which can easily be removed in a few steps. We’ll dig deeper into this, but before … Read more

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Why Does My Indoor Laundry Room Smell Bad?

Are you curious why your indoor laundry room smells bad? The laundry room is the place where all your clothes are to be washed and cleaned. We often spend most of our weekends in the laundry room to wash all the clothes we used during the week. Sometimes, the laundry room starts to smell, making … Read more