Why Does My Washing Machine Drum Wobble?

Last Updated on: 28th June 2023, 12:35 am

There is more than one reason why a washing machine drum may wobble at some point. The most common reason is the overloading of the washer. However, there could be a mechanical issue that might be causing the washing machine to wobble.

Since several possibilities result in a washing machine’s drum wobbling, it’s best to get your washing machine examined by the washing machine mechanic before jumping the gun.

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But if you’re curious to figure out the problem, there are several things to look out for when trying to fix the washing machine drum wobbling.

Let me share the reasons why a washing machine vibrates during the wash.

Reasons Why A Washing Machine Drum Wobble

Here are six possible reasons why this might happen:

  1. Overloaded with clothes: Overloading a washing machine is the root cause of several washing machine problems. If you overload the washing machine, the drum may not have enough space to move around and wash the clothes properly. This can cause the drum to wobble and make a lot of noise. It can also cause damage to the machine over time.
  2. Old and dingy drum: If the washing machine drum is old or damaged, it may not be able to spin properly. This can cause the drum to wobble or make a lot of noise during the wash cycle. A worn-out drum can also cause damage to the clothes if not fixed timely.
  3. Unbalanced washer: If the washing machine is not level or balanced correctly, it can cause the drum to wobble during the wash cycle. Make sure that the washer is installed on a level surface or that the leveling legs are adjusted properly. An uneven floor could lead to such problems as well.
  4. Clothes got tangled: Avoid putting tangled or wet clothes into the washing machine. If clothes get tangled up in the drum during the wash cycle, it can cause the drum to wobble or become unbalanced. This is more likely to happen if you wash large, heavy items like blankets or comforters along with clothes. Always try to distribute the clothing’s weight evenly around the drum before turning on the washing machine.
  5. Broken part: If a part of the washing machine is broken, it can cause the drum to wobble or make a lot of noise. Get your washing machine’s belt or bearing checked if everything else is fine. It’s also important to check the washer’s shock absorber just in case. More importantly, call the nearest professional repair service to fix the problem.
  6. Water seeped into the drum: There is a possibility that the water seeps into the washing machine drum over time. Thus, it could cause the drum to become unbalanced and wobble during the wash cycle. It happens if there is a leak in the machine drum or the washer is quite old and rusty.

FAQs About Fixing the Washing Machine Drum Wobbling

Let’s take a look:

Why is my washing machine drum banging when spinning?

It’s so annoying when a washing machine drum starts to make a banging noise.

This irritating, banging noise in the washing machine drum could be due to an unbalanced load, a worn-out drum or suspension system, or a loose or damaged part in the washing machine body.

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How do you fix a rattling washing machine?

It’s possible to fix a rattling washing machine. First things first, start with identifying the source of the noise. To do so, you need to identify the washing machine part that is making that rattling noise.

It could be due to a loose part, a worn-out bearing, or a problem with the drum suspension system. After you successfully figure out the source of the noise, it gets easier to fix or change the specific part.

Is it really bad if my washing machine is shaking?

It is not necessarily a bad thing if your washing machine is shaking, as some degree of movement during the spin cycle is normal. However, excessive washing machine shaking can indicate a problem with the machine.

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The possible reasons for a washing machine shaking are an unbalanced load, a faulty suspension system, or water seeping through a leaked drum.