Why Does My Washing Machine Fade My Clothes?

Last Updated on: 19th February 2023, 11:31 am

Washing machines fade clothes for several reasons. However, each case is different from the others. Mostly, it’s a strong detergent or the wrong washing machine setting that causes the clothes to fade.

Are you having trouble with clothes being faded after the wash? I have found a handful of reasons why it is happening to you.

But first things first, a lot of people go through this same problem, so don’t worry about it.

You may immediately think about what you can do to recover the faded clothes, but it’s the topic for another day.

But it’s necessary to understand the reasons it happens so that you have some idea about what might be the culprit. Otherwise, you might not know what was causing this problem.

As a result, the same thing would happen over and over again. Therefore, I decided to shed some light on the reasons why a washing machine fades clothes.

Reasons Why a Washing Machine Fades Clothes

Here are some of the possible reasons why your clothes might be fading:

1. Hot water washes

Most washing machines require hot water to wash clothes. Such washing machines have water hoses for both hot and cold water. However, the latest washing machines don’t require both hot and cold water. Instead, these washers only require cold water.

Anyway, a hot water washer could be a reason why your clothes are faded. Most laundry workers with limited knowledge might not agree with it, but my research showed that a lot of people think hot water fades shirts.

2. Harsh detergents

Good-quality detergents make laundry easier and more fun. However, some low-quality or harsh detergents do damage instead of washing.

It’s a possibility that the use of a harsh or strong detergent may cause the clothes to fade away. It’s probably the chemical composition that does the job.

3. Agitation during washing

If you’re using a comparatively older washing machine, the chances are, you run into some problem at some point. One of these problems is fading the clothes.

Agitation during the wash may cause the clothes to fade away. Hire a washing machine mechanic if your washer is either tearing or fading the clothes more often.

4. Over-drying clothes

Every washing machine doesn’t have a built-in dryer. Therefore, some households use separate dryers for drying clothes.

However, in some cases, people dry clothes in the sunlight. They hang clothes on the rope outside in the backyard to let the sunlight and air do their magic. As a result, sometimes, over-drying the clothes in the sunlight causes the clothes to fade.

5. Frequent washes

One of the most common reasons why clothes fade over time is frequent washing. Some consumers wash their clothes several times a week, which increases the wash cycle for every clothing item.

So the clothes’ colors start to fade out when the clothes are being washed several times every month. Furthermore, it doesn’t happen with the type of washing machine you’re using to wash clothes.

Does Drying Fade Clothes?

Yes, clothes can fade when they are dried, especially if they are dried in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. The heat and light from the sun or dryer can cause the color molecules in the fabric to break down and fade over time.

To minimize fading, it’s best to dry clothes in the shade or on a clothesline and to avoid high heat settings when using a dryer.

Additionally, separating clothes into smaller loads and avoiding overloading the dryer can also help to reduce fading, as this allows for more air circulation around the clothes.

Does Salt Restore Faded Clothes?

Salt can help to restore faded clothes to some extent, but it’s not a guaranteed solution. The idea behind using salt to restore faded clothes is that it can help to set the dye in the fabric, making the color appear brighter.

To use salt to restore faded clothes, add a cup of salt to the wash cycle when washing the clothes. The salt will help to fix the dye in the fabric and can help to restore some of the colors that have been lost to fading.

It’s important to note that this method is not a permanent solution and may not work for all types of clothes or all instances of fading.

Additionally, using salt can also have other effects on your clothes, such as causing them to feel stiff or rough, so it’s best to test this method on a small, inconspicuous area of the garment before using it on the entire item.

If you’re not happy with the results, it’s better to opt for a color-safe laundry detergent or fabric softener, which can help to preserve the color of your clothes without causing other issues.