Can Milk Remove Stains?

Last Updated on: 18th February 2023, 03:37 pm

Milk is not only good for your bones but also works wonders in removing stubborn stains. Yes, milk is a life hack to get rid of blood stains, ink stains, lipstick stains, and berry stains.

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Now you don’t have to be afraid of your wife or mom because of those stains on your brand-new shirts.

Once in a while, a stain doesn’t completely go away and it also leaves a smell. Maybe, it’s your washing machine that smells, but it’s not always the case.

Let’s get down to the business:

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How to remove blood stains

Anyone who has tried to clean up a dried bloodstain knows how difficult it can be. Your initial thought may be to clean it with hot water, but hot water “cooks” the blood and causes it to stick to the fabric and you may never be able to remove it.

  • The good news is that milk can help you remove those tough dried bloodstains. Milk contains enzymes that have an affinity for blood. If you have a bloodstain on a piece of fabric, soak the stained area in a bowl or glass of milk.
  • Make sure the stained area is completely soaked in milk. The milk should remove the blood from the cloth fibers in a couple of hours.
  • After you have finished soaking the fabric, wash and dry it to make it completely clean. If the staining remains after washing, soak it for a longer time in the milk and then wash it again.
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How to remove ink stains

We occasionally find ourselves dealing with a leaking or bursting ink pen in our shirt’s pocket. Don’t worry since cleaning an ink stain is much easier than it appears. Simply grab some milk and vinegar and treat the stain as soon as possible!

  • All you need is two parts of milk and one part of vinegar. Now in a bowl make the solution of both the materials and soak your stained cloth in it.
  • Soak the stained portion of your cloth overnight and then wash it in the morning and it will be as good as new.

How to remove lipstick stains

Women know how hard it is to look beautiful with the lipstick on but also know how difficult it is to remove its stain from a plain white shirt. Yes, milk will also remove your lipstick stains.

  • Combine equal portions of three basic materials in a spray bottle: whole milk, liquid laundry bleach, and water. To make application easier, combine the ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on the stain and cleanse the area with a clean toothbrush. Get ready to have your mind blown! It removes the majority of stains, but only on white cotton.  Again, this technique should only be used on white cotton.

How to remove berry stains

Yes, milk is also helpful in removing all kinds of berries stains. Make sure to follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Bring a pot of milk to a near boil on the stove, and then remove it from the heat before it boils.
  • Soak the soiled area of the material for around 30 minutes in the warm milk.
  • Rinse the garment with cold water after it has been soaked. (At this time, the stain should completely disappear, or at the very least fade.)
  • Toss the stained cloth in the washer and wash it.
  • Enjoy your stain-free clothes.

Stains are a part of life. If you’re thinking the best washing machines for your small apartment can fix this, then think again.

Fortunately, milk has got you covered against all of these tenacious stains from lipsticks, inks, blood, and berry stains, removing them completely in the first wash. But make sure to use these life hacks to keep your clothes brand-new.

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