A banner image with a detergent vector and the text reads, "washing detergent kills bacteria?"

Does Washing Detergent Kill Bacteria?

Are you wondering whether or not your detergent kills bacteria? Well, we’re going to discuss what needs to be done to minimize the bacteria in the clothes. Washing our clothes with the best-smelling detergent brightens them up but is it enough these days? These days many germs are in our environment. So, is your washing … Read more

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Can You Wash Leather Jackets in the Washing Machine?

Leather jackets are everybody’s favorite fashion clothing, but can you wash leather jackets in the washing machine? It not only protects us from the cold but also offers us a fashionable and sophisticated image. You may have heard about washing jeans in the washing machine. So you might think, can you wash leather jackets in the … Read more

how to fix a washing machine that won't drain

How Do You Fix a Washing Machine that Won’t Drain?

There are more than one ways to fix the washing machine drainage problem. It could be the drainage pipe or clogging issue that might be causing this problem. However, the first step is always the same; you must first figure out where the problem is. Once you find the problem, you could easily fix it … Read more

indoor laundry room?

Should You Put Your Laundry Room Indoor?

If the house construction is underway, and you have the option to choose between putting your laundry room indoors or outdoors, then it must be an exciting yet overwhelming time. The laundry room is often decided based on the type of construction, meaning if you’re in a studio apartment or a flat, you might not … Read more

Does a washing machine shrink clothes?

Does a Washing Machine Shrink Clothes?

A washing machine may not be the culprit if your clothes have shrunk. Several factors make clothes shrink, such as fabric type, wrong washing machine mode, or hot water. Since most people wash clothes in washing machines, they think that washing machines shrink clothes. The washing machine is just providing the environment for clothes to … Read more

should you use hot water in your washing machine?

Does a Washing Machine Use Hot Water?

Did you ever get confused while using hot water for your clothes? Most consumers don’t know a whole lot about washing machines, for instance, what type of washing machine to choose or whether or not every washing machine has a dryer. It’s okay if you don’t know everything about washing machines. One of these things … Read more

How Much Water Does a Front-Loading Washing Machine Use?

How Much Water Does a Front-loading Washing Machine Use?

If you wondering how much water a front-loading washing uses, then you might be switching washing machines or moving into a new place and looking to buy a front-loading washing machine. Water usage is one of the most important components of your laundry work. It depends on various factors and its amount varies for different … Read more

how much detergent should you use

How Much Detergent Should You Use in a Top-loading Washer?

Have you ever wondered how much detergent your top-loading washer uses? You might be curious if you’re new to washing clothes; we’re all beginners at some point. Well, keep reading this article because we might be able to answer this for you. Detergents are the most important component of your washing process. Their quantity varies with … Read more