Should You Put Your Laundry Room Indoor?

Last Updated on: 30th January 2023, 01:26 pm

If the house construction is underway, and you have the option to choose between putting your laundry room indoors or outdoors, then it must be an exciting yet overwhelming time.

The laundry room is often decided based on the type of construction, meaning if you’re in a studio apartment or a flat, you might not have the luxury to make an outdoor laundry area.

However, if you’re living in a villa, then you could always dedicate an open space for laundry and whatnot.

Besides the laundry room, there are things worth paying attention to while building your house, for instance, where the kitchen goes, how big you want the living room to be, how to connect the porch to the house, etc.

But we’re going to focus on the indoor laundry room for now so that everyone who is anxious about putting an indoor laundry room finds it easier to get along with it.

should you put an indoor laundry area?

Pros of an Indoor Laundry Room

Here are a few benefits of putting your laundry room indoors:

Easy to Access any time of the day

One of the perks of an indoor laundry room is that you can step into your laundry room any time you want. Plus, you can multitask if you’re a single mom, meaning you can set the washing machine timer and cook the meal or go for room dusting. You’d know that it would take a few seconds to get back into the indoor laundry area, so you could do other stuff along the way.

No issue during rain or thunderstorms

One of the problems people face with outdoor laundry areas is that they have to protect their washing machines from rain and thunderstorms. Sure, they could build a shelter to avoid any problem with rain or thunderstorm, but it’s always risky to keep the washing machines outdoors. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about rain and thunderstorm as your laundry area is indoors.

Keeps the washing machines safe and clean

When you have an indoor washing area, it’s easier to keep the washing machine neat. When you have an outdoor washing area, you might want to cover your washing machine with a plastic cover or build a shelter to keep the laundry area safe. It’s certainly better to put a laundry area indoors, especially when you reside near a coastal line or windy area where it rains a lot.

Cons of an Indoor Laundry Room

Here are a few disadvantages of an indoor laundry room:

Allocate a portion to the laundry

One of the difficulties you might come across with indoor laundry is that you need to allocate some space to it or specify a room for the laundry. In small houses or apartments, people don’t have enough room to create an indoor laundry, it becomes a little mess. It surely is a downside of indoor laundry.  

Limited spacing in the laundry area

It may look doable on the outside, but it’s not that easy on the inside. What I mean is that most indoor laundry spaces have limited space. Some people don’t even have room so they put their washing machine in the bathroom. You may have seen people who put their laundry in the basement because they don’t have enough room for it.

Difficult to dry out the clothes

A huge problem washing machine consumes with indoor laundry areas run into is that they don’t have a space to dry the clothes. Thanks to the modern-day washing machines that also dry out clothes after the wash. Otherwise, the indoor laundry would have been a headache for most people.

Would You Put the Laundry Indoor or Outdoor?

You have read about what it takes to put laundry indoors. I shared the good and bad of the indoor laundry area.

Now it’s up to you what you choose between both these options.

I’m curious to see what you would prefer, anyway.

So feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on putting a laundry area indoors.

Would you put your laundry area indoors or outdoors?

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