Can We Keep Washing Machines in the Bathroom?

Last Updated on: 8th April 2023, 12:13 am

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can keep the washing machine in the bathroom?

A washing machine is essential for all households no matter you have kids or not. After you’ve purchased one, the next step is to identify the appropriate location in your home to put it up.

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If you live in a small space, it may be hard to find a place for some equipment, like your washing machine. Some people are fortunate enough to have separate laundry rooms, while others may do their laundry in the bathroom.

Yes, you heard it right. Our washing machines can be kept in the bathrooms as long as you follow the precautionary measures.

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Is installing your washer in the bathroom safe?

The manufacturer’s instructions will determine whether it is safe or not. The newer machines can be kept in the bathroom, but they must be connected to a fused unit. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on moving the washing machine upstairs.

Since water and electricity can be dangerous when combined, use caution while installing a washer and dryer in the bathroom. Putting your washing machine in the bathroom is safe if you cover the plug and socket from water splashes. A lot of people have indoor laundry rooms these days.

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Advantages of washing machine in the bathroom:

  • You may have to cover the washing machine now and then. This problem goes away when you keep the washing machine in the bathroom.
  • Some clothes require pre-treatment before washing, such as soaking or using a stain remover, rinsing, and spinning, so it will be much easier for the housewife or girlfriend if the machine is in the bathroom. So you won’t have to lug a basin full of wet items throughout the entire flat.
  • When you have a washing machine in the bathroom, you could keep it clean as it’ll be right in front of you and you’ll see it two to three every day. All you need is to figure out how would you keep your washing machine clean.
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Disadvantages of washing machine in the bathroom:

  • If your washing machine is in the bathroom and it starts to leak, the ceiling in the room below may be severely damaged.
  • The bathroom is also hot and possibly moist. That is never a good thing when it comes to electric appliances. Your local government regulations encompass some strict requirements that must be followed strictly.
  • A person in the bath or shower should be unable to touch the washing machine. The washing machine should be connected outside the bathroom and protected by an RCD.
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Safety Precautions

If you keep your washing machine and cleaning supplies in your bathroom, it might become a dangerous zone in your home. As you wash your clothes, you also need to keep the bathroom safe.

  • Eliminate the excessive lint

After each load, be sure to clean the lint screens. Inspect the vent pipes and the area behind your dryer as well. If lint clogs the venting system, flames can occur, potentially destroying your entire home.

  • Dryer ducts and water hoses should be replaced

Rubber hoses should be replaced with braided hoses to prevent them from bursting or cracking. The machine will not function optimally if the hose fractures and it will eventually cease working totally.

  • Keep the machine doors locked at all times

If you have children who may be left at home alone, there’s a chance they’ll try to play with your machine. If your model has it, lock it when it’s not in use to keep your children from utilizing it as a hiding place.

While your washing machine can be installed in your bathroom, you should always check with the manufacturer to see if your device is still covered under warranty if problems arise.

You should also be cautious on your own; avoid splashing water on the washer and the outlet, and keep your machine in good working order.