What Does a Top-loading Washing Machine Mean?

Last Updated on: 29th November 2021, 01:26 pm

Are you wondering what a top-loading washing machine means? Maybe, you want to buy a washing machine and someone recommended you to get one of those top-loading washing machines for home, and now you want to know what it is and how it works.

A top-loading washing machine means a washer that has a lid on the top instead of the front. So when you wash your clothes in a top-loading washing machine, you open the lid upward to put the clothes in the machine and then put the lid down to start the machine.

A top-loading washing machine means
A top-loading washing machine (by Samsung)

There you go. Now you know what a top-loading machine is. The thing I like about these latest top-loading washing machines is that they don’t take up so much space in your laundry area.

For example, don’t quote me on this, but we have a Samsung washing machine that hardly takes 3 square feet, which is fantastic. You could see the pictures of that machine above.

So I’m glad to be of help. Furthermore, if you’re interested in knowing about the types of washing machines, you can keep reading this piece.

Types of Washing Machines

Since you’re interested in washing machines, let us shed some light on different types of washing machines. There are several types and designs of washing machines. However, most consumers can’t tell the difference among various kinds when they see them. If you are serious about buying the best washing machine for yourself, then you must have a look at these three main types:

1. Top-load Agitator

The top-load agitator washing machines have been around for a while, but they are still popular due to their highly advanced cleaning action. They have a long agitator in the middle of the washing machine where you load clothes. The washing capsule squishes clothes together to clean them.

However, it requires more water and energy to wash clothes. It is not the most sustainable method, but it works for most people. Its cleaning action is hard on clothes; hence, they can lose their shine faster.

2. Top-load Impeller

Top load impeller is a relatively new development with multiple options for faster and more effective cleaning. It is similar to a front loader in most ways, especially the rapid cleaning action. It uses the bottom impeller for back-and-forth swooshing of clothes rather than using an agitator. You can load large and dirtier items using the deep fill option.

However, the deep fill options are not available in most models. It also has a high-efficiency cycle mode for deep cleaning load using less water. A top load impeller is a great option, but it is not great for people who cannot stand the noise.

3. Front-load Washer

The front-load washing machine is designed to provide energy efficiency and rapid cleaning action. The clothes rub against each other for cleaning rather than the agitator, which makes the process gentler. It is ideal for cleaning large clothing items as it spins faster and gives the head up before the drying process begins.

You can wash sleeping bags, comforters, and woolen sweaters in a front-load machine. Plus, a front-loading washing machine uses 1/3 less water than other washing machine types. However, it takes two times longer to finish washing clothes than the top load.