Can You Wash Bed Sheets in the Samsung Washing Machine?

Last Updated on: 24th September 2021, 03:04 pm

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can wash bed sheets in the Samsung washing machine? Well, let me explain it, but the short answer is that you can wash bed sheets in most of the washing machines.

The latest Samsung washing machines are mostly automatic. Therefore, they have loads of options to choose from. Unlike previous washing machine models that didn’t have multiple washing modes. You can wash bedsheets in the Samsung washing machine, but it depends on the fabric’s thickness and weight.

Suppose, you have a lightweight bed sheet, you could wash it on the quick mode, whereas if you have the same bed sheet along with multiple jeans and other clothes, you shouldn’t be washing all those together not to mention on the quick mode.

However, the fuzzy mode might be better than the quick mode when it comes to washing jeans and heavier clothes. It’s the washing mode that allows the washing machine to control and manage several washing processes such as water intake, water temperature, wash time, rinse performance, and spin.

In other words, it indicates the intelligence of a washer as it optimizes the process based on the clothes’ weight.

What Happens If You Wash Heavy Clothes on the Quick Mode?

We have had a first-hand experience of facing a problem with the washing machine mainboard because we were naive about using automatic washing machines. In the beginning, we kept on washing the bed sheets and blankets on the quick mode.

After a few months, the machine won’t turn on. So we called the Samsung customer care department, and they sent a representative to look through it, and then we got the mainboard replaced for free because of the warranty.

So we learned that washing heavy clothes on the quick mode is a no-go as it’s designed to wash fewer, light-weight clothes.

How to Wash Bedsheets in the Samsung Washing Machine

Since washing bedsheets, especially the heavier ones on the quick mode isn’t advisable. However, the fuzzy mode is more of an automatic mode that can handle a mix of clothes in moderation, but one shouldn’t be washing bed sheets in the fuzzy mode either.

Instead, try out the blanket mode for washing machines if you have multiple bedsheets to wash or your bedsheets are heavy. It may take longer than usual to wash which is understandable.

Furthermore, if you haven’t heard about Eco Tub Clean in the Samsung washing machines, you should read about it.

A pro tip about washing bed sheets is that don’t include any other clothes while washing bed sheets or blankets. Let the washing machine focus on the main clothes you’re washing.

The Verdict

The conclusion is that you can wash bed sheets in the Samsung washing machines, but be very careful with choosing the washing modes on the washer. Don’t wash (heavy) bed sheets on the quick or fuzzy modes, especially when you have multiple bedsheets to wash.

For accurate information, reach out to Samsung customer support and ask for advice on this.