Can You Wash Jeans in the Washing Machine?

Last Updated on: 14th April 2022, 03:24 pm

Did you ever listen to the argument about washing jeans in the washing machine? Well, we’re going to discuss this topic briefly.

Jeans are a popular and necessary item of clothing in many people’s closets. They are comfy and flexible and can be dressed up with a shirt and jacket or a t-shirt. The appropriate pair of jeans is a must-have for just about everyone, whether you’re doing yard work or having a fun night out with friends.

You might have heard of many myths about not washing your jeans in the washing machine. So, can you wash jeans in a washing machine? Yes, it is okay to wash your jeans in the washing machine. In fact, you can wash shoes in the washing machine. Anyway, most jeans are made of cotton; they are sturdy and will last longer if washed quite nicely.

How often should jeans be washed?

It is recommended that you wash your jeans every one or two times you wear them. Wash your jeans less often if they are designer jeans. Plus, your jeans will last longer if you wash them less frequently.

Steps to Wash your jeans in the washing machine

Following are the steps you need to take to wash your jeans in the washing machine. These steps will prevent them from fading and will help them last longer.

  • Organize your garments into groups based on color

Most dark-colored clothing can be washed with jeans, while some manufacturers recommend washing jeans separately. Care for your jeans according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Jeans should never be washed in the same machine as whites or light colors.

  • Turn your jeans inside out after zipping them up

Turning your jeans inside-out increases interaction with the section of the jeans that came into contact with your skin (and its oils and sweat) while reducing contact with the indigo dye.

  • Pour cold water into the machine

Don’t ever wash your jeans in hot water. Color loss in jeans, especially darker denim, can occur due to hot water. The hot water will also cause the fabric to shrink. You can also use lukewarm water to wash your jeans.

  • Choose a detergent

To avoid fading, use a laundry detergent formulated for dark garments while washing jeans. Avoid bleach, which can permanently destroy the dye. You can also substitute half a cup of distilled white vinegar for the detergent. Vinegar, not only will eliminate the odor but may also set colors, making it an excellent choice for black jeans or brand new jeans being washed for the first time.

  • Select the most delicate wash cycle

Select the gentle cycle (or delicate cycle, depending on your machine) and the coldest water options in your washing machine. Allow the cycle to run after adding a modest amount of detergent. Most people are confused about adding hot or cold water to the washing machine.

  • Allow your jeans to  air dry

Your jeans should be allowed to air dry. Even while jeans can be machine washed, they should not be dried. To air-dry jeans, firstly unzip and unbutton any zippers and buttons; then line-dry lay flat, or hang them on a hanger in a well-ventilated place. If you must use the dryer, set it to a low heat setting.

Jeans can be expensive, so you want them to last as long as possible. If you follow all of these steps, your jeans will last longer. You will no longer have to worry about fading, tearing, or bleeding dye.

Always read the care label because it contains all the essential information about the brand of your jeans. Turn your jeans inside out, wash them in cold water with a moderate detergent, and air dry them.

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