Eco Tub Clean: Does Every Washer Have This Mode?

Last Updated on: 31st March 2023, 12:44 am

Eco tub clean is a tub cleaning technology to remove dirt and biofilm in the washing machine tub without using any cleansing agent or chemical.

While it may seem like your washing machine doesn’t have such a feature, it’s a possibility that a similar function may be available in your washer with a different name.

If you’re a tad bit curious whether or not eco tub clean is available in every latest washing machine, then you’re at the right place.

Don’t be upset if you don’t find the eco tub clean feature on your recently-bought washing machine. Perhaps, the same feature is available in your washer with a slightly different name.

Does Every Washer Have Eco Tub Clean?

Every washer may not have the eco tub clean feature. However, tub clean technology is available in several washing machines. It’s also possible that each washer brand may have a different name for the feature, such as eco tub clean, clean tub, or eco drum clean course.

The Eco tub clean is the washing mode available in Samsung washing machines. So check out the manual for your washing machine; there must be a similar feature available in your washing machine.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Using Eco Tub Clean

Eco Tub Clean is a cleaning mode (in washing machines) designed to keep washing machines clean and free from build-up. Here are the main steps to using Eco Tub Clean in a washing machine:

1. Prepare the washing machine

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the washing machine is empty of clothes and any other materials. It’s viable to empty the washer before cleaning it using eco tub clean mode.

2. Choose the eco tub clean mode

Opt for the eco tub clean or similar mode to get started with the cleaning process. The heat and length of the cycle will help the Eco Tub Clean penetrate the machine and break down any build-up inside.

3. Start the wash cycle

Once you’ve prepared the washing machine for eco tub clean and have already chosen the eco tub clean mode, then hit the start button to proceed with the process.

4. Run an extra rinse cycle

Run an extra rinse cycle to ensure that all of the Eco Tub Clean has been completely rinsed away. Repeat the process For best results, repeat the Eco Tub Clean process every two months, or more frequently if you notice any signs of a build-up in your washing machine.

FAQs About Eco Tub Clean

Let us answer some of the burning questions regarding the eco tub clean feature:

What does tub clean mean by the washer?

The eco tub clean refers to a washing machine feature that allows washers to clear out the debris, dirt, and litter stuck in the washing machine drum and pipes.

The eco tub clean is a powerful self-cleaning feature available in several washing machines across different brands. The feature is also known as tub clean, drum clean, eco drum clean course, etc.

When to use Eco tub clean?

The eco tub clean feature is used to clean the debris and dirt in the washing machine, so it must be used after every 10 to 15 wash cycles.

It’s roughly a week or two depending upon the wash frequency. However, don’t take more than 20 wash cycles without using the eco tub clean.

Some consumers overthink washing heavy clothes or fabrics in Samsung washing machines – you can wash bed sheets in a Samsung washing machine, but choose the right wash mode.

Does Samsung top-loading washing have Eco tub clean?

The Samsung washing machine in my household does have an eco tub clean feature. It’s a top-loading washing machine that I bought around three years ago. I believe that almost all of the latest top-loading washing machines have an eco tub clean or similar feature.

Do I need to put detergent for the Eco tub clean?

The purpose of the eco tub clean or tub clean mode is to clean up the washer from the inside. Since certain liquid detergents or washing agents are available on the market that helps clean washing machines.

Most washing machine users put liquid detergent while using the eco tub clean mode. However, it’s not necessary to add a detergent when using the eco tub clean mode.  

How to use Eco tub clean in Samsung washing machine

Eco-tub cleaning isn’t rocket science. Try using the eco tub clean mode at least once after every 20 washes. All you have to do is choose the eco tub clean mode and turn on the washer without adding any clothes. Read our specific blog post on how to use eco tub clean in a Samsung washing machine.