A banner image with a laundry vector and the text reads, "clothes fading?"

How to Keep Dark Clothes from Fading

Keeping your dark clothes from fading is no easy job. There are several ways to avoid clothes fading, but try using less detergent, washing with cold water, and avoiding direct sunlight to dry them. Whether you’re using a washing machine or doing most laundry by hand, it’s essential to figure out what causes the clothes … Read more

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How to Move the Washer and Dryer Upstairs

Washer and dryer are two useful home appliances, but things get difficult when you have to move either one of these upstairs. Plus, it’s the same story when you have to move a washer downstairs. Most washing machine buyers hire movers or pay the delivery team to take their washer or dryer upstairs or downstairs. … Read more

How to Use the Eco Tub Clean in Samsung Washing Machines

How to Use the Eco Tub Clean in Samsung Washing Machines

Have you ever wondered what “Eco Tub Clean” means? If you stumble upon this article, it means you’re a Samsung washing machine user and trying to figure out what it does. The Eco Tub Clean is a feature available in Samsung washing machines that cleans the washing machine and removes the dirt or biofilm in … Read more

how to cover a washing machine outside

How to Cover a Washing Machine Outside

Have you ever wondered how to cover a washing machine outside? If you have been putting off covering your machine, then it’s time to take action. It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime or winter, your washing machine would be exposed to rain, humidity, or sunlight. It’s essential to cover your washing machine because maybe you … Read more

how to keep your washing machine clean

How to Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

Are you curious about keeping your washing machine clean? This article will uncover several tips on how to keep your washing machine clean. Before we get to the tips and tricks on keeping your washing machine clean, let’s admit that it’s essential to clean and service every type of machine now and then. Since cleaning … Read more

Does every washing machine have a dryer?

Does Every Washing Machine Have a Dryer?

Most washing machines didn’t have a built-in dryer up until a few years ago, so you must have seen separate dryers in most households. However, the latest washing machines come with built-in dryers now. So you can say that almost every new washing machine has a dryer. Are you planning on buying a washing machine … Read more